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Winter 2019-2020 haircuts at its best by A-studio

We all need changes, best option to change something (not to drastically ) in your life will be the transformation of your hairstyle.

Obviously, hair cuts of medium length have always been and will be the most sought after. Their advantages are obvious: ease of care, versatility, femininity, the ability to experiment with styling make it possible for a woman to always look perfect.

In the upcoming season, the fashionable haircut cascade does not lose its relevance, which looks very stylish and airy on medium-length hair. Stylists suggest choosing a cascade with well-profiled tips. In this case, the locks stand out more and make the hairstyle more voluminous in appearance.

A trendy haircut of medium length hair, which many stars managed to try on their images, became a real hit in 2019-2020. Attractive long bob or long bob has several fashionable solutions, so the hairdresser will be able to choose the perfect option for your features and needs.

The most fashionable version of long bob on medium hair is considered a haircut with a long bang and torn ends. Wearing a similar hairstyle is advised with lightly curled curls. In the presented style, the hairstyle looks soft and unsurpassed.

A similar fashionable example of cutting hair of medium length 2019-2020 is often confused with the aforementioned hairstyle. However, there are differences between them, the main of which will be a smooth cut and a pronounced contour, although here too the masters actively use easy graduation of tips.

If you look at the bob-car in the classic version, it is shorter for the elongated bob and here the transition of short strands from the back of the head to the longer ones in front is pronounced. A distinctive feature will also be the presence of a bang.

A really spectacular and bright haircut for medium hair 2019-2020 will be a caret model with an extension to straight hair without bangs. Elongated front strands can be on both sides or only on one side, then there is an asymmetric square.

Unique and cool haircut options for medium thick hair 2019-2020 are hairstyles with shaved sections on the head. They shave areas not baldly, more often it is the weight or the occipital part. If you make a similar haircut on medium hair, you will get an original 2 in 1 hairstyle.

Shaved places can be hidden under loose hair, so to show a beautiful shaved pattern, you will have to collect the hair up or lay to one side, depending on the variation of the chosen haircut for medium hair.

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