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The Exclusive Weight Loss Massage you've Been Missing Out On

The Starvac machine provides a weight loss massage using state of the art technology. The machine works by flushing fat cells through the lymphatic system using two small moving suction rollers. The fat cells are disrupted due to the suction, making them easier to be flushed away through the lymphatic system. Compared to traditional massages, this treatment effects connective tissue, fat cells, vascular and lymphatic systems more effectively.

The treatment last 20 to 40 minutes and is completely painless. The application can be adjusted based on the sensitivity and skin condition of the individual.

For Skin

The Starvac machine helps improve skin tone by rejuvenating, toning and nourishing skin while eliminating toxins. It also helps tighten and restore elasticity, stimulates blood circulation and softens scar tissue to eliminate stretch marks. The weight loss massage is effective in treating cellulite.

For Muscle Tissue

The Starvac machine is comparable to a four hand massage as it increases muscle activity, making it both beneficial and relaxing. The treatment is effective after exercise as it helps relieve pain and fatigue, muscle spasm and stimulates circulation.

For Health

Not only does the massage help lose weight and shape the contour of your body, it also relieves swelling, accelerates resorption of hematomas, stimulates lymphatic flow, improves and strengthens the body contours.

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